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Natural & Organic Spa Products

With over twenty years in the Spa Industry, we take pride in being able to provide only the purest products to our customers. All Jamu Products are produced according to traditional methods at our own Production House in Bali. Our facility is supervised by a Pharmacist, and adheres to strict quality control procedures. Jamu uses only authentic and natural ingredients, both local and imported.

We utilize environmentally sound production methods, and wherever possible, recycled materials are used for packaging. We offer products entirely inspired by nature. All our products are 100% vegan and made of natural plant and botanical base ingredients. Nearly all our products use low temperature production OR Raw processing.

Our organic range of spa products are sourced locally. We search for local organic products and best ingredients: pure, natural and fresh when able. Our products are handmade and use recycled materials.

We use no machinery and no carbon footprint in the process of production. Never tested on animals. Jamu organic are free from formaldehyde, petroleum by-products, alcohol, PEG and synthetic chemicals.

Jamu Product Ranges

Jamu Traditional range is Jamu’s original range of products, which was developed using a combination of centuries’ old Indonesian beauty recipes and the benefits of aromatherapy.

Esens Product Range

Esens is our other traditional range. This exotic range of products includes: essential and perfume scented body oils, aloe vera and essential oil body lotions, biodegradable shampoo and body gel, and handmade incense – all with heavenly scents and un-forgettable fragrances of Bali.

Spa Operating Items

A selection of items to support Spa operations, or sold to guests to create a Home Spa.
Aesthetically designed and functional in application.