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Q : Where does Jamu Spa Products come from?
A : Jamu Traditional products are made in our home-based Production House, in  Bali.  These products are derived from indigenous Indonesian plants, flowers, herbs and spices, as well as Imported Oils, Based and Essential Oils.

Q : Can anybody use the product?
A : Yes, anyone can use our products due to their purity and freshness.

Q : Does Jamu use essential oils?
A : Essential oils are preferred for the majority of our products but we have a small selection of fragrant oils and perfume flower oils, such as Jasmine and Frangipani which are the beautiful scents of Bali. The description and contents are all on the bottles.

Q : How long does the product last?
A : Since   all   our  products  are made from fresh ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives, we suggest you use the product within six months of the date on the box.